GMA 2016: Meet our host – Simon ‘The Miller Report’ Miller

There are just a few sleeps now until we open the doors for the Games Media Awards 2016.

The event, which takes place on Tuesday October 11th at London’s Sway Bar, will celebrate the very best of the UK’s games media – whether print, digital or broadcast.

The Miller Report’s Simon Miller is part of that elite gang, so who better to host the awards? We caught up with him earlier today…

How did you first get into the games media?

Fluke. I was working at Sony writing instruction manuals – check out Buzz Jr. Jungle Party’s. It’s a doozy – and saw an advert for a staff writer down at Imagine Publishing. Wanting to be more creative with my writing I applied and somehow managed to land a job on then Nintendo mag n*Revolution. I still appreciate the hire to this day.

What’s been the best advice you’ve ever received?

Write for you and write like you. It’s so easy to try and copy what you think a good piece of writing is as opposed to making it your own. It takes time, but learning to do that is key to standing out and getting others to take notice. It’s the same with video. Screw whatever anyone else is doing. Make what you think is good and take it from there.

What are you most proud of in your career to date?

Convincing people on the internet that ‘The Miller Report’ character is real. Which of course he is…

And what has been your biggest challenge?


Who’s your favourite non-games writer/presenter?

Does Mark Kermode count? This is an email interview so you can’t answer that. I’ve basically just shouted into the wind. But I think he’s great and his movie reviews are always spot on.

If you weren’t working in games media, what would you be doing?

Lifting weights. Although I do that now. I would just do it more before worrying where I was going to get the money for the copious amount of protein it takes. That stuff isn’t cheap. In fact, bodybuilding is an insanely expensive hobby and in many ways I’ve made a terrible life choice. I’ve gone off a tangent. I’d also (hopefully) be a wrestler…

What are your best memories of the Games Media Awards?

In-Cahoots. Say what you will, but I’ll remember them for the rest of my life and that’s saying something. There was also the time that company turned up and ruined everyone’s evening, which was entertaining for all the wrong reasons. It’s mostly just nice that everyone in the games media gets together to celebrate whatever it is we’re celebrating.

Who should win an award this year?

Alice Bell. She’s awesome.

The Miller Report is made into a film – who would play you?

Err… me? Or Jason Staham. Either is fine.

You’re on an island and can take one game with you to play, what would it be?

Gears Of War. Because it’s a real game… about a real war… with real guns…

If you could choose your top celebrity interview, who would it be?

Vince McMahon. Many people won’t classify him as a celebrity, but I’d love to chat to him, even if only for five minutes. He’s fascinating and has built an empire few people can even dream of. If he was unavailable, Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’d ask him what he deadlifted.

Who would win out of a fight between you, Jeremy Clarkson and Al Murray?

Me. I’d disgust Jeremy Clarkson with my lack of knowledge about V8 engines forcing him to leave the battlefield flabbergasted, and then I’d smash a pint glass over Al Murray’s head in a twist of cruel irony.

The GMAs are being sponsored by Green Man Gaming, Gamescom, 2K Games, Koch and Renaisssance PR.

There are a limited number of trade tickets, priced at just 79, available. Find out more by clicking here.

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