Go Kane: SuperSike’s new game about love and drug dealing

Go Kane is a fast-paced drug dealing game, where our main character, Kane, has only 25 turns to make enough money to free his girlfriend for the clutches of a kidnapper.”

That’s how Amit Goyal, co-founder of SuperSike Games, describes the studio’s sophomore release, Go Kane (a play on ‘cocaine’).

The gameplay follows the basic premise of trading games, where you buy low and sell high, but we have tried to bring a sense of pace to the gameplay by stripping it down to the bare essentials. We wanted to create the thrill of scoring a great deal and getting away with it, and only kept elements that contributed to that core gameplay,” adds Goyal.

In that sense, it is an experiment, something that we feel has the potential to grow into something bigger.”

Go Kane is headed to iOS in April, with a future release on Andoid, but the game was initially planned for release as a browser game.

When we initially conceived Go Kane, it played very differently from the way it does now. Our plan was to release it as a browser game, and then move forward to other platforms if the game received some traction from users,” Goyal explained.

Based on the feedback we received on the browser version, we came to realise that the game wasn’t really achieving what we had set out to do. So we went back to the drawing board and heavily redesigned the gameplay and interface. What we came up with worked way better with the mobile interface than the browser, so we decided to test the waters on the mobile platforms.”

SuperSike’s first game – Yet Another Bird Game, was a finalist at the Square Enix Game Development Contest, and the indie studio is currently also working on Catcher in the Sky for iOS, development for which had begun before Go Kane.

Catcher in the Sky was on hold for a short time in between,” says Goyal, but it is in development at full swing now. We will be showcasing the game at Casual Connect Asia in a near-complete state,” says Goyal.

Go Kane will be an ad-supported free game, with the option of in-app purchases.

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