Gobstopper TV wants video game props for its new Comedy Central show

UK TV production company Gobstopper TV is making a video game-themed comedy show for Comedy Central where it will be exploring various video games in both online and real-life formats.

A TX pilot will be recorded in October with the view to then commission a twenty-episode series in the UK, and possible around the world, Gobstopper has told MCV.

It does, however, need your help, as the company is currently looking for life-sized video game characters and iconic props, imagery and memorabilia from the world’s most popular titles to help bring the show to life and give its studio a unique look.

"Gobstopper is looking for companies who might have any iconic character models or props in their headquarters that could be great to have on our set that they could send to us to have as decoration during our studio record," the studio said. "Anything from games controllers to life size models of their games characters would be absolutely fantastic."

Naturally, all imagery will need to be cleared for worldwide inperpetuity, but if you are able to help or have anything to send us please do get in touch withsamantha.summers@gobstopper.tv

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