GOG: DRM treats gamers like criminals

Good Old Games has spoken against DRM, saying that some of the anti-piracy measures in use treat consumers like criminals.

Speaking to Adventure Classic Gaming, the site’s PR and marketing manager Lukasz Kukawski added that draconian DRM software” scares off potential customers.

Treating a legitimate customer like a potential criminal won’t convince them to buy original copies of games,” he said.

In our opinion a better way to get people to spend their hard earned money on original games rather than pirating them is to give them a good value for money – offer good games for reasonable prices, making the whole experience hassle-free, adding exclusive free goodies which they won’t get with a torrent download.

We believe adding those incentives are well worth all the work and effort rather than just adding a draconian DRM software which will only make legitimate customers’ life more difficult.”

Kukawski also pointed out that DRM is often stripped from pirated games, so only legitimate customers have to deal with it.

He said: Let’s take EA’s Spore which allowed you a limited number of installations or Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed II which forced you to stay online for the whole time you play the game.

Gamers were truly pissed that they are paying $50 for a game they can’t play as they’d like to. I’m sure those DRMs actually pulled lots of people from buying the game or made them get a pirated version.”

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