GOG scraps regional pricing plans

Titles purchased from Good Old Games will cost the same no matter where you are in the world when you purchase them.

That’s the message from GOG after the digital retailer announced that it is to abandon previously announced plans to vary the pricing of its titles in different regions.

We’re not perfect, we’re exploring new frontiers, and we make mistakes,” the company said. We thought DRM-Free was so important that you’d prefer we bring you more DRM-Free games and Fair Price was less critical and that it could be sacrificed in some cases. The last two week’s worth of comments in our forums (nearly 10k!), show that’s not the case.

We didn’t listen and we let you down. We shouldn’t sacrifice one of our core values in an attempt to advance another. We feel bad about that, and we’re sorry. Us being sorry is not of much use to you, so let’s talk about how we will fix it.

The bottom line is simple: there may be companies that won’t work with us (although we will work hard to convince the most stubborn ones. Yes, it means we might miss out on some games, but at the same time GOG.com will remain true to its values and will keep on offering you the best of DRM-free gaming with Fair Prices.”

As a result GOG has vowed to continue with both its DRM-free and flat pricing policies going forward, saying that it will ill make up the difference for you out of our own pockets” should price differences be required”. This will be delivered via store credit.

Effectively this means US prices will now apply worldwide. The Witcher 3 will abide by the same rules. Regional currencies are still scheduled to be introduced.

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