Google celebrates Pac-Man’s 30th

Though there’s been no noise so far to celebrate it, today marks the 30th birthday of one of gaming’s most important icons – and internet search giant Google is paying special tribute.

30 years ago today Namco launched the very first Pac-Man arcade cabinets in Japan. At a time when nearly all of the popular arcade hits involved shooting aliens, Pac-Man single-handedly created a brand new way to play games.

In the years that have followed he has gone on to become one of the most recognised games characters of all time, joining a very elite club including the likes of Mario, Lara Croft and Sonic the Hedgehog in penetrating the mainstream public conscience.

To celebrate the occasion a quick visit to Google’s homepage today will present you with not just a custom Pac-Man style banner logo, but also something quite special – click the ‘Insert Coin’ button next to the regular search button and you’ll be able to play the custom Google level.

Furthermore, hit the ‘Insert Coin’ button twice in quick succession and Mrs Pac-Man appears, with a second player able to control her through the WASD buttons.

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