Google engineer: Google+ is a pathetic afterthought

An engineer for internet and tech giant Google has mistakenly made public a rant concerning Google’s own social network that was intended only for employees of the firm.

The Google+ platform is a pathetic afterthought,” Steve Yegge wrote to colleagues in a post that has since been removed, but was preserved by SiliconFilter.

Google+ is a knee-jerk reaction, a study in short-term thinking, predicated on the incorrect notion that Facebook is successful because they built a great product. But that’s not why they are successful. Facebook is successful because they built an entire constellation of products by allowing other people to do the work.

So Facebook is different for everyone. Some people spend all their time on Mafia Wars. Some spend all their time on Farmville. There are hundreds or maybe thousands of different high-quality time sinks available, so there’s something there for everyone.”

Despite a strong start, Google+ has struggled to maintain momentum since the launch hype died down and now faces an uphill battle to gain traction against rivals such as Facebook and Twitter.

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