Google Glass launches first games

If Google’s VR tech had taken your fancy, but couldn’t justify shelling out the hefty price tag. Now you can.

Owners of the wearable, sic-fi glasses can now treat themselves to a series of downloadable games, including Clay Shooter, Matcher, Shape Splitter, Balance and Tennis.

That’s right. You can use that extortionate piece of highly-advanced technology to play Tennis.

While Tennis is pretty self explanatory, Balance tasks Glass users with balancing virtual books on their head using the device’s built-in gyroscope.

Matcher has players – yes, you’ve guessed it – match identical tiles, while Clay Shooter is essentially a first-person shooter you play in the first-person. And Shape Splitter is seemingly a Fruit Ninja-style game where users hack shapes.

Although, we’re not sure these are the most morning commute-friendly games, with almost all of them requiring users to wave their arms around like a headless chicken.

While the likes of Tennis might not sound like the most groundbreaking of titles, they are the first games to launch on the platform after all and are primarily a indication of the possibilities of Glass.

Take a look at the games in action below.

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