Google launches its own Second Life

Google has launched a rival to the likes of PS3 Home and Second Life in the shape of Lively – a new 3D virtual world.

Players use Avatars and interact virtually with others, and can create their own 3D ‘rooms’ , which they can then decorate. Users can also stream photos and video.

According to, Google Lively works on any PC browser with Windows Vista or Windows XP installed, using a plug-in that makes use of Emergent’s Gamebryo engine – but currently is unavailable on Mac.

Niniane Wang, engineering manager for the project said: "Based on feedback from ASU [Arizona State University] students and with help from the Google Desktop team, we added support for playing YouTube videos in virtual TVs and showing photos in virtual picture frames inside our rooms.

Better yet, the gadgets you have in your Lively rooms can also run on your desktop."

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