Google specifies Fortnite ‘is not available on Google Play’

Fortnite is not available on the Google Play Store, and now anyone searching for the game through the search engine giant’s app will be met with a message telling them just that, thanks to an unprecedented move.

Searching for Epic’s ludicrously popular battle royale title on an Android device (though not via browser, it should be noted), presents a message stating ‘Fortnite Battle Royale by Epic Games Inc is not available on Google Play’ (and a cheeky link to download PUBG Mobile, of course).

While plenty of apps have been unavailable via Google’s centralised store in the past, this is one of the only – if not the only – times it has specifically addressed what’s being searched for and outright said it’s not available.

The move to address Fortnite’s absence is a clear response to the fact the game is not coming to Google Play, with Epic choosing to avoid the 30 per cent royalty share agreement necessary to grab a spot in the digital storefront.

Elsewhere in Fortnite news, an Epic developer has stated on a Reddit thread that the studio is aiming, pun intended, to group players together based on the peripheral/s they are using to play the game.

Basically it means if you’re using keyboard and mouse, matchmaking will place you with other players using keyboard and mouse – logic dictates this means pad players will be paired with other pad players.

It’s a development seen as necessary by a vocal section of the playerbase, especially with Fortnite’s cross-platform play open to most – non-PS4 – combatants. Keyboard and mouse users have a clear advantage in accuracy over those using the less-precise thumbsticks on a controller, so people are sure to be happy to see Epic addressing the issue.

More information on the change should be appearing this week.

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