Google to unveil Stadia price and launch plans tomorrow

Google has confirmed it is kicking off its E3 schedule by revealing the price and launch details of new streaming system, Stadia, tomorrow. The news will be unveiled in the first of a series of presentations, Stadia Connect, which will be broadcast 9am PDT/5pm UK time on June 6th, 2019.

“Some news can’t wait for E3,” the video description teases. “Watch our first ever Stadia Connect […] as we reveal more Stadia news, including pricing, games, and launch details.”



As MCV editor Seth Barton detailed when reporting on the Stadia announcement, Google is creating a gaming service that will be omnipresent online, “taking its strength from gaming influencers on YouTube and utilising that as a springboard to amount the biggest assault ever upon the incumbent trio of Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. Microsoft better had something huge up its stream for xCloud to match this.

“In practice, that means gamers will be able to simply click a link in a YouTube video and be playing the game that they were watching within five seconds. No downloads, no patches, no box – it’s the cloud gaming dream and Google is serving it up with an incredible commitment to hardware and graphic quality.”

“It lets you play a game on any screen as long as you have an internet connection, which I think is wonderful,” said Rebellion co-founder and CEO, Jason Kingsley, in an interview with MCV earlier this year. “Again it comes down to discovery and more people could play games than can play them now, which is brilliant for us because we create content. So I’m very excited about the possibilities.

“I think the potential instant availability of a game is radically fantastic,” he continues, telling us that Rebellion is definitely interested in being on the new platform. “To go back to your question about exclusivity, we want our games to be available on every platform possible,” he adds. “Because we think the challenge is discovery, so we’re not that bothered what flavour of platform our games are on. What we care about is: can people get to play games wherever they are in the world?”

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