Google unveils £1bn UK investment plan

Internet giant Google is building a new London HQ which is hopes will create in the region of 3,000 new jobs.

Boss Sundar Pichai has told the BBC that the investment equates to around 1bn. The company already employs 4,000 in the UK, a number which will be added to with a new 650k square foot King’s Cross office.

"The UK has been a tremendous market for us," he said. "We see big opportunities here. This is a big commitment from us – we have some of the best talent in the world in the UK and to be able to build great products from here sets us up well for the long term."

The news will be particularly welcomed as Britain faces the uncertain backdrop of Brexit and confronts fears that some companies will relocate their UK headquarters to the continent.

The innovation we see here, the talent we have available here and how on the cutting edge of technology we are able to be here makes it an incredible place for us to invest," he added.

"We do value how open and connected it is and we can bring in talent from anywhere in the world and we value those attributes and we are optimistic that those will stay true over time.

"So we did [make the investment decision] taking into consideration [the referendum], but we are very optimistic."

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