Gran Turismo 6 could be released for PS4

Sony has admitted that Gran Turismo 6’s future could stretch beyond the PS3.

The Polyphony Digital racer was announced for PS3 yesterday but will not arrive until the very end of the year meaning that it will likely crossover with the launch of PS4.

"We have a PS4 version in mind for the future" Polyphony Digital president Kazunori Yamauchi told GameSpot.

"But for this holiday season we thought that it would be best for users to release the PS3 version. I thought the best scenario would be for the game to come out, and we’re planning to have new content, and DLC every few months.

"Once the players have thoroughly played out the game, if the PlayStation 4 version just came out naturally in the process, we think that would be the best scenario for the game."

Yamauchi added that players would probably” be able to transfer their game data from one machine to another.

All of which may lead you to opt out of the PS3 release and wait for the next-gen version, right? Well don’t.

SCEE president Jim Ryan told VG247 that Sony had a great track record of supporting its legacy platforms.

It’s sort of a sense of unfinished business with PS3, and with a 70 million installed base to market to, it’s still very compelling,” Ryan stated.

I think the other thing I would say is that PlayStation has demonstrated a track record in prolonging the life of its platforms. If you look at the amount of business we did on PS1 after PS2 was introduced, it was a lot. If you look at the amount of business we did on PS2 after PS3 was launched, it too was a lot and we definitely intend this to be the case with PS3 when PS4 comes out.

It’s not just a GT6 story, because as a publisher in the year of launching PS4, we’ve got Beyond: Two Souls launching in October and now GT6 before Christmas, so there’s a clear minded strategy to prolong the life of PS3.”

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