Grand Theft Auto 5 to feature three playable characters, switchable on-the-fly

For the first time in the series’ history, Grand Theft Auto 5 will feature three playable protagonists, with the player able to switch between them on-the-fly, Game Informer has revealed.

Set in Los Santos, GTA’s rendition of Los Angeles which also appeared in GTA San Andreas, the story of GTAV revolves around Michael, an early-40s retired bank robber in witness protection who is drawn back into a life of crime; Trevor, an ex-military junkie and old friend of Michael’s who resides in the game’s desert region; and Franklin, a mid-20s hustler who works as a repo man for a car dealership.

All three characters will cross paths in Rockstar’s "strongest plotted game" yet that will focus heavily on bank heists.

While players are free to switch between characters at any time between missions, during missions, players can be switched at certain moments. Each character will perform a specific role in each mission. For example, in a chopper mission, one will pilot, while another mans the machine gun, and the third snipes pursuing chopper pilots.

Outside missions, characters not being controlled by the player will go about their lives, and Rockstar says players will often find characters in interesting situations when switched to them.

No release date has yet been announced for GTA5, but with the game tipped for release by April-May next year, information should be flowing a lot more freely now and the game’s second trailer is set to be released next Wednesday (14th November).

For a full 18-page reveal of Grand Theft Auto V, pick up the latest Game Informer digital issue, which is now available for the iPad.

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