Grand Theft Auto fans more likely to be interested in art and literature than other gamers

A new report from Exponential Interactive paints a very different picture of the average Grand Theft Auto V player than you might expect.

The data was sourced from the anonymous cookies from 2m UK internet users who have expressed an interest in Grand Theft Auto. This was then compared with data from the wider video game audience.

It found that those interested in GTA are 33 per cent more likely to have kids and twice as likely to be married as those with a general interest in games. Amazingly, it also found a peak in interest in the 55-64 year old age group above the normal gaming demographic.

Also whereas most gamers are apparently interested in gambling themed holidays, GTA fans are more likely to be interested in adventure and trekking breaks.

In addition, GTA fans have a 63 per cent increased likelihood to be interested in running and are 6.8 per cent more likely to be interested in arts and literature.

Those working from home and those on job seekers do indeed take up a high proportion of GTA players, but a number of professions also seem to take a strong interest – construction (47.6 per cent) and finance (39.8 per cent).

Here’s the infographic:

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