Green Man Gaming launches new community platform

Green Man Gaming has today announced a new community platform, redesigning the website in order to improve interaction and enhance the player experience.

The new features of the improved platform include the following:

  • Clean User Interface

The new design includes menus and features that are designed to be more intuitive. Users can view the latest blog content in the community home page, making it easier for members to keep up to date with GMG content.

  • Fully Customisable Homepage

Users can now personally tailor their experience to their preferences through carefully curated sub forums,  and custom backgrounds are also available based on the games the user owns.

  • Keep Up with Conversations 

Users can track conversations with the new ‘My Activity’ view.

  • No More Spoilers 

A new spoiler tag system has been implemented so users can freely talk about plotlines without ruining anything for others.

  • Search Functionality

A new keyword search that allows users to instantly find all the conversations on a specific game or topic easily

“Community is at the heart of Green Man Gaming’s culture, we offer an inclusive space where users can come together and share their passion for games” said Frank Preyser, Brand Community Development Manager at Green Man Gaming.

“The new site aims to deliver a more personalised experience to our users, because at the end of the day, they are the core of this community so why shouldn’t it be all about them”

Green Man Gaming recently celebrated their 10th birthday – we spoke to CEO Paul Sulyok about the company’s ongoing success, and asked UK industry experts to look back on a decade of the company.

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