Greenpeace guns for platform holders again

Following the publication of its Guide to Greener Electronics report

last month

, which blasted Nintendo for being the worst performing company it has ever rated on environmental issues, Greenpeace has launched a new website to highlight the environmental impact of games consoles.

Fronted by a video featuring Mario, Master Chief and God of War’s Kratos holding their respective host platforms aloft, the Clash of the Consoles site aims to encourage platform holders to reduce the level of harmful chemicals currently used in their machines.

Greenpeace claims that: Toxic chemicals in electronics are a big problem. More and more tech gadgets are produced and disposed of every year. This means more toxic pollution when they are produced and when they are thrown away.

Surprisingly, none of the games console companies make a console free of the worst toxic chemicals. This is in contrast to PC makers, who are already selling some models without toxic chemicals like BFRs and PVC. We want to see a games console completely free of these toxic chemicals on the market.”

Speaking specifically about each platform holder, the group acknowledges that Sony has a toxic chemical elimination policy in place, but that is not currently applicable to its PlayStation brand. It also urges Microsoft to implement a console take-back policy whilst again attacking Nintendo for being ‘bottom of the barrel’ when it comes to green issues.

The site also urges consumers to take an active part in the campaign process, saying: You hold the controller. You are the people these companies listen to – their customers. Urge the company that made your favourite game console to move to the next level of the green challenge.”

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