GTA5 pulled from PSN following leaks; Sony apologises to Rockstar, fans

Update: Sony has pulled Grand Theft Auto 5 from its servers after content from the game, which was made available for preload for preorder customers on PSN, made its way online, including potential spoilers.

In a statement on the PlayStation Blog, Sony apologised to developer/publisher Rockstar Games and fans of the series for the leaks, and announced that it had pulled the game from PSN to prevent further damage.

The game is now expected to be back on PSN on the game’s 17th September release date.

Original Story: After a few issues yesterday, Grand Theft Auto 5 is now available for digital preorder on the Indian PlayStation Store.

The PSN digital version is a sizeable 18 GB download, but at Rs 2,799, it is cheaper than the Rs 2,999 price for the disc version.

The digital version will also include the Atomic Blimp preorder DLC that’s being provided at retail. In addition, preordering on PSN will get you a GTA5 theme and, for a limited time, 75% off on any other Rockstar title on PSN.

Those who preorder GTA5 via PSN will be able to begin downloading the game on 13th September in order for the game to be ready to play when it launches on the 17th.

However, some hackers have already been able to download the game and access certain game files. While they haven’t been able to play the game just yet, certain Trophy data has been leaked as well as a list of songs that will be part of the game’s radio stations.

This Reddit thread includes all the songs that are supposedly part of the GTA5 soundtrack, along with Youtube links for each.

If you intend to play GTA5, we suggest you refrain from visiting GTA fan sites andsites like Reddit, and be very careful of what you read on social media, because if hackers do manage to play the game, spoilers will be all over the internet.

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