Guildford Games Festival is returning on December 3rd

Guildford Games Festival will be returning in December this year.

Taking part in the digital event are Selen Ceri & Emily Cook of Supermassive Games, Jonny Hopper & Mike Ducker of Glowmade, and the team at EA Criterion. Additionally, attendees can expect more than one appearance from Media Molecule plus developers from across various other Guildford studios and businesses.

The Festival will be taking place on the 3rd of December, and will be preceded by a physical awards ceremony on the previous evening at the The Boileroom in Guildford.

The Guildford games community will be encouraged to nominate their peers and colleagues via online voting form and the Guildford Games Devcord/Discord. Nominations will be encouraged from all devs in the GU postcode, and will be judged by a panel of industry judges.

“Last year’s Guildford Games Festival blew us away, and we were able to help generate £2.8 million of sales on Steam for local studios in a special sale,” says Lauran Carter, head of communications at Liquid Crimson.  “Guildford is a special place in the UK games scene – it’s been home to big studios for the last 25 years – but we’re proud that the Guildford Games Festival has proved itself capable of reaching out beyond our shores and grabbing the attention of the wider worldwide industry.”

And if you need a primer on the Guildford games scene, often known as the “Hollywood of video games,” then you’re in luck. A particularly handsome and talented young journalist put together an article highlighting the region just last year.

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