Guildford.Games Ltd has launched

Members of the Guildford game developer community have announced Guildford.Games Ltd, a new industry hub and events initiative. 

Guildford.Games Ltd will bring together as many of the developers from the games sector in Guildford as possible, in the hope that they can further showcase the talents of the local industry to the rest of the world, and encourage even more connection between the various studios in the popular game development location that is sometimes called “The Hollywood of Video Games” by people within the industry.

The G.G committee has existed since 2019, and has held various in-person events, festivals and digital software sales, but has also never been an officially registered company or organisation until now.  In the past these events have seen generous sponsorships from local businesses like Supermassive Games, Electronic Arts, nDreams and Media Molecule and have even been supported by the Guildford Borough Council. 

“Guildford is an incredibly important place for video game development, and we are privileged to work alongside its talented development teams. Those of us involved in G.G are driven by our pride for Guildford game developers – past and present – and we hope to continue to work with local studios, putting them in the spotlight, for many years to come.” said Lauran Carter, head of comms at Liquid Crimson.

“Many of the G.G committee forged our career direction within Guildford studios. With G.G initiatives, I hope we can inspire blossoming game developers to start their career in one of the many Guildford games studios, as I did.”

“Guildford’s reputation and legacy within the gaming sector is unrivalled, and the industry continues to develop at pace. Having been a major advocate for the Guildford Games Hub for several years with many clients in the sector, the team at Charles Russell Speechlys were delighted to have a pivotal role in advising the Guildford.Games committee on the formation of Guildford.Games Ltd.” added Rebecca Burford, partner at Charles Russell Speechlys and G.G’s non-executive director. “We look forward to witnessing and being a part of further growth and innovation in the sector.”

If you’d like to keep up with Guildford.Games and join the community to hear about events, upcoming training courses and news from the area, you can do that here

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