GungHo’s Puzzle & Dragons hits daily revenue of $2m

Japanese mobile firm GungHo Online Entertainment is pulling in an estimated $2m a day on a single free-to-play title.

Gamasutra reports the company’s Puzzle & Dragons looks to have taken Japan by storm, earning around $65m monthly from a registered user base topping 8m across iOS and Android versions.

All that, and the game’s incredible growth has apparently yet to peak.

GungHo reported a 168.8 per cent increase in revenue for the title to $280m last year. Puzzle and Dragons brought in $92m last month alone, resulting in a year-on-year increase of over 1000 per cent. The unbridled success has brought the company’s market cap up to $2.3bn.

Puzzle and Dragons has drawn comparison to the Pokmon franchise – another property that has historically fared well in the Japanese market, as some may recall. We’ve seen similar out of the blue success stories on the mobile platform before, but not at this level, and certainly not all from one game.

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