Hacker claims to have cracked Denuvo DRM

The current king of PC games security is looking a little less secure on its throne.

Denuvo currently boasts a superb security record, with plenty of titles remaining uncracked and safe from the grip of piracy. So revolutionary has the system been that it has even forced some pirates to abandon their trade altogether.

Now PCGamesN reports that Russian hackers claim to have made serious progress in bypassing Denuvo.

A video is currently doing the rounds that seemingly shows an illicit copy of Rise of the Tomb Raider up and running, albeit with a performance handicap from the virtual machine used to host the file.

Nobody has yet claimed responsibility for the hack and some questions are being asked of its legitimacy.

Denuvo director Thomas Goebl, however, has not rejected the claims: "It’s always hard to comment on something which is not available to the public, as the article says all files currently floating around are fake. The general positioning of our product is ‘hard to crack’ and not ‘uncrackable’.

For us it is important to secure the initial sales window of games, which worked out well on all the recent titles."

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