Halfbrick releases Jetpack Joyride

It’s been a big week for big Australian indies, with Firemint’s ‘SPY Mouse’ being followed quickly by Fruit Ninja developer Halfbrick’s ‘Jetpack Joyride’.

The new one-touch controlled arcade game for iOS sees players navigating gravity as well as blasting objects out of their way with a myriad of different modes of transportation, according to the launch trailer.

Phil Larsen, marketing director at Halfbrick, told MCV: "Jetpack Joyride (JJ) represents ultimate refinement in Halfbrick’s strengths of simple, accessible gameplay. We originally released Fruit Ninja in a comparatively simple state and updated along the way to include additional content."

"The freedom and creativity we’re now afforded at Halfbrick now enables us to take a bit of extra time and make our mobile games an absolute perfect fit for the platform at launch – and ensure we keep up with the latest market trends and feature expectations."

"We’ll be updating Jetpack Joyride consistently, but the base layer now is so strong and customer feedback has been so positive that it really is our biggest launch to date!"

Jetpack Joyride is available tomorrow on the App Store for iPhone and iPad for USD$0.99.

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