Halo 3: Recon is a one-off

Following on from the

not very surprising

news that Microsoft will next year release

a boxed standalone expansion for its massively popular FPS Halo 3

, developer Bungie has revealed a few more details about the title.

GameSpot reports that Bungie.net’s community lead Brian Jarrard spoke to journalists at the Tokyo Game Show, stating: Halo 3: Recon is our answer back to our fans. This is a game we felt like we needed to do. Our fans want more Halo 3 content and they want to do more in the Halo universe, and this is really our way to continue to support the Halo 3 fan base and given them something a little bit different than what they were expecting.

In a nutshell, Halo 3 Recon is essentially an expansion, but it is also a standalone retail product. It will be sold in a box available next fall and will include hours of new campaign content, and an experience from an all new perspective. You will be playing the role of an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, and the Master Chief will not be featured in this game in any way.”

Jarrard, however, also added that fans should not expect the studio to carry on adding to the title indefinitely: Recon is certainly a one-off thing. From Bungie’s perspective, this is just us giving back to people who are currently playing Halo 3 and keeping that trilogy and that saga going a little bit longer.

This is just one of a couple projects we have in the studio underway now. This the first time we’ve tried to have a smaller, nimble, more agile team of people on a project while the rest of the team tackles other projects."

And speaking of the setting and narrative of the title, Bungie’s Luke Smith added: The events of the trailer take place just as the Covenant blasts out of the city in end of Halo 2. So while the Master Chief is off on Delta Halo, you’re back on Earth in the Covenant-occupied city of New Mombasa. It’s less of a galactic romp than Halo 2 and Halo 3, certainly. The game is certainly rooted in the city environments you see in the trailer.”

Also confirmed was the inclusion of four player online co-op, as well as some additional multiplayer content. Contrary to previous rumours, the game is definitely not third person and does not feature squad mechanics. However, gamers will be required to tackle in-game scenarios differently, owing to the more fragile nature of the new protagonist.

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