Halo Reach a huge leap forward

Its release remains a long way off but the hype machine looks like its about to kick into life as Microsoft looks to finish the year by bigging up what could be its biggest release of 2010 – Bungie’s Halo Reach.

Speaking ahead of Saturday’s Video Game Awards on December 12th, Spike’s Geoff Keighley told Microsoft’s Major Nelson in his podcast that: At the VGAs we’re actually going to be able to go down on the planet Reach and see this game for the first time.

It’s all going to be in-game stuff. This is not CG, this is not live action. You’re going to get a first glimpse of the world of Reach.

It’s going to be the biggest game of next year by far. Folks loved ODST and thought it was great, but when people see the huge leap forward Bungie is taking with Reach – everyone I’ve talked to that’s been on the team and seen it is incredibly excited about that game.”

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