Halo Reach detailed at last

Developer Bungie is promising a massive technological jump in its upcoming Halo Reach, which is due out ion Xbox 360 later this year.

Fresh details of the title come courtesy of US mag Game Informer, with scans of the latest issue offering a long-awaited insight into Bungie’s wide-reaching plans.

The game itself is a squad-based affair and will follow the fortunes of the six members of Noble Team. Bungie hopes the game will re-establish the Covenant as a terrifying menace rather than the speculative companions they became in later titles in the Halo series.

Reach will be the first Halo game to use motion capture and will also use Image Metrics’ impressive facial animation technology. The result is said to offer far more believable transitions between standing, walking and running.

Other technological leaps include a massive jump in light versatility with up to 40 dynamic light sources supportable. Previous titles have maxed out at four. Also up is the number of on-screen enemies.

In addition, gamers can expect a detailed weather system, a range of new weapons for both the Spartans and Covenant and, for the first time in the series, stealth kills. Armour will also be more customisable, offering various perks such as speed or active camouflage.

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