Halo remake rumours intensify

Talk of a Halo: Combat Evolved remake has resurfaced once again, this time with a suggested developer and release date in tow.

Joystiq reckons TimeShift developer Saber Interactive is currently working on the project under the guidance of Microsoft’s 343 Industries.

The game is said to support 1080p HD visuals and 3D TVs. However, the site also claims it will be more than a simple HD reworking, with new art assets currently being produced. The audio is not being changed, though the controls will be adapted to bring it more in line with recent releases in the series.

In addition, unlike the original title the new Halo is said to offer online co-op multiplayer. The engine powering the game is not, though, the same that powered last year’s Halo Reach.

Furthermore, Joystiq reckons a November 2011 release is being planned to coincide with what will be the tenth birthday of the original game.

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