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Microsoft has announced the global release dates for its upcoming Halo Wars, and the surprise is that it’s Japanese gamers who are set to take the first bite of the RTS cake.

Ensemble’s strategic take on the Master Chief’s universe will be released in Japan and Asia Pacific on February 26th, and will then arrive at EMEA retailers (that includes Europe) a day later on February 27th.

US, Canadian and South American gamers will have to wait until March 3rd to get their hands on the title.

Microsoft also confirmed that those who pre-order the title will receive an exclusive flame-decorated Warthog for use in-game. The Limited Edition version, which will retail in the US for $79.99, will include an in-game ‘Honor Guard’ Wraith, a graphic novel, six ‘Leader’ cards and a Spirit of Fire patch – along with the previously announced early access to the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack.

The game’s release date squares it off against Sony’s Killzone 2, which will be released in North America on February 27th and everywhere else in a ‘similar timeframe’.

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