Harmonix teams up with Hasbro for card game DropMix

The next game from music game maestros Harmonix has been revealed.

It’s called DropMix, and has been jointly developed with toy giant Hasbro. Inside the box is a deck of cards and a Bluetooth and NFC enabled board that can connect with a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android). Each card represents a different song, or at least a different portion from a song.

So, for instance, players might find that they end up matching the vocals from an Ed Sheeran track with the bass or drums from Meghan Trainor track. There are all sorts of other nuances as well, such as cards that offer multiple abilities or alter the rules in some way.

DropMix is a fast-paced music mixing game where players create one of a kind mixes by playing cards featuring hit songs from award-winning artists,” Harmonix said. It’s completely unlike anything else you’ve ever played and we hope it will give you that same deep connection to your music and your friends that our previous fan favourites like Rock Band or Dance Central have offered.

So, how do you play DropMix? Each card in DropMix represents a different part of a song – like vocals, bass, drums, etc. As you place cards on the electronic DropMix board, which connects to a free app on your iOS or Android device, you and your friends will hear a custom mix start to take shape in real-time.

We’ve got over 300 DropMix cards in store for the 2017 collection, across a variety of genres, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. On top of that, sometimes mixes sound even better when you combine cards that span very different genres!

Dropmix has a US price of $100 and is due out in September. Additional Playlist Packs will cost $15 and Discover Packs $5.

Here’s a look at some of the confirmed tracks:

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