Harrison foresees console-quality browser games

Phil Harrison has predicted that console quality gaming in web browsers will emerge as the next-gen gaming platform.

Speaking at his keynote session at the Italian Videogame Developers Conference in Rome, the London Venture Partners co-founder asked the crowd if they believed they would ever see a game of the quality of Modern Warfare 2 running in a browser.

After a show of hands, Harrison confirmed: I think the answer is yes. I think in the next five-to-ten years we will easily get this level of game inside a web browser, on your mobile platform, on your iPad, and we will be able to deliver that level of immersion to any kind of screen.”

Harrison then suggested this move will be powered by what he called ‘the browser wars of the 21st century’. This battle to dominate the industry, the former president of Sony Worldwide Studios suggested, will ape the ‘browser wars’ of the 1990s when Netscape and Microsoft went head-to-head to try and own the internet browser space.

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