Hayes: Move/Wii comparisons are unfair

Both use a main wand and an auxiliary joystick-equipped controller and both claim to track precise body movements, but Sega’s North American and European president and COO Mike Hayes has asked questions of the comparisons being drawn between PlayStation Move and Wii.

Yes, I think that is unfair,” he told CVG. Let’s not forget that Sony has launched hugely successful peripherals before. Whether it’s EyeToy or its controllers, Sony has been there and had great success. 

But also, how bad is a comparison with Wii? It’s one of the most successful consoles of all time. For something like PlayStation 3, that surely allows a motion controller to do some pretty great things.”

Hayes went on to state that he’s in little doubt that both Natal and Move will prove themselves to a success in the long term.

We don’t have a crystal ball, but would I bet a lot of my salary on Microsoft and Sony will make a success of these devices?” he added.

I think the chances are high.

Microsoft are clearly taking Natal very seriously and spending a lot of money on it. Sony are doing the same – and they have the track record to go with it.”

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