Hazelight’s prison escape co-op title A Way Out is EA’s next Originals title

EA unveiled the third title in its EA Originals series this evening, which is a brand-new IP from Hazelight, the creators of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

Entitled ‘A Way Out’, director and writer Josef Fares said this prison escape game will be a co-op title like no other. Indeed, it’s actually been designed to be only playable in split-screen co-op, so players will need to find themselves a buddy to play with side by side on the couch, or from around the world online.

Players take control off convicts Vincent and Leo as they try and make their escape and take revenge on the people that put them there, and Fares said we can expect a huge amount of variation in its gameplay ideas. Exploration, driving, stealth and big action sequences will all play a huge role in A Way Out, with Fares saying the game will "kick ass" and that players "won’t get tired of this game."

Characters can even be controlled while their friend is experiencing a cutscene, allowing both players to see the scene from a variety of different angles. Its various scenarios can be approached in a multitude of different ways as well. In the teaser gameplay trailer, for instance, Hazelight showed a handful of different scenes in action from the game, including smuggling out some goods in the laundry room, where Vincent player distracted the guards while Leo made his move, and high-speed car chases where one player’s driving and the other is shooting out of the back.

A Way Out is set to arrive in early 2018 at the moment, and you can see the game in action in the trailer below.

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