Health and medical devices added to Nintendo’s official charter

Satoru Iwata’s Quality of Life initiative may yet live on.

Nintendo said in February that the company’s only officially revealed QOL device, a sleep monitor, had been ditched. This seemed to compound existing rumours that the company was planning to ditch QOL altogether, with enthusiasm for the idea believed to have waned following Iwata’s passing last summer.

However, Nintendo has now outlined plans to update its ‘Articles of Incorporations’, or in other words, its intended purpose and business interests.

Importantly, the document adds a number of new ventures to its interests, including ‘health devices’, ‘medical devices’, ‘eating establishments’ and ‘computer software’. The latter could mean anything, of course. Could it point to a PC gaming drive? Possibly. But it could just as easily refer to smartphones or all manner online products.

Also stated are plans to increase licensing efforts.

These are an addition to and not a replacement for current interests, such as video games.

The board will meet on June 29th to approve the amendment.

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