Hearthstone’s new Heroic Tavern Brawl mode has a $10 entry fee

Hearthstone’s Tavern Brawl is being shaken up for one week only by merging the mode with the arena, but charging a $10 entry fee.

Traditionally the Tavern Brawl sees a new gameplay stipulation implemented to the mode every week, creating new and one off battles for fans to figure out. However the new upcoming Heroic Tavern Brawl raises the stakes.

The brawl will cost $9.99 or 1000 gold to enter and you will only be permitted to create one deck, from your current card collection. This deck will be locked as soon as you enter the brawl, with no changes allowed. Once you start playing with this deck against other competitors the rules are similar to the Arena mode, lose three matches and you are out, but the more wins you rack up the better your rewards at the end.

Anyone who manages to win the maximum 12 games in the Heroic Brawl will be rewarded with 50 packs, a heap of Gold, piles of Arcane Dust and three golden Legendaries. Those who crash out before hitting 12 wins will get lower tiers of rewards.

The high entry fee has already put some people off, especially with the stipulation of only having one deck, as it is almost impossible to have a single deck that can defeat every other deck reliably. Many have said that some bad RNG when it comes to matchmaking could see your $10 wasted with three quick losses, which makes the mode sound a little like gambling that RNGesus will be on your side.

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