Hello Games nearly announced a No Man’s Sky release date at E3

One of E3’s most hotly anticipated games nearly got itself a release date this week.

Hello Games boss Sean Murray told GameSpot that the studio at one stage planned to announce the game’s release date, but ultimately decided against it.

We really wanted to announce a release date. It’s really hard to explain,” he said. We want the game to be out. If we thought it was good enough we would release it. If we thought it was finished we would release it.

We were going to announce a release date. There are reasons why we began to realise that it might not be accurate for some reasons outside of our control and I don’t want the pressure of that, to be honest. You actually create people being upset with you, for announcing a release date and then changing it. It’s the worst thing, like saying Christmas is the 25th of December and then changing it.”

The game could theoretically still arrive this year, and Murray says that Hello will announce a date as soon as it can be certain.

What we do know, however, is that No Man’s Sky will be released on PC at the same time it arrives on PS4.

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