Her Story and Telling Lies director Sam Barlow is hiring for a new project

Her Story and Telling Lies director Sam Barlow is looking to fill multiple roles to work on his upcoming, yet to be announced title. Barlow is looking to hire a Producer, a PA/Office Manager and a Programmer to join the development team in Brooklyn, NY.

In an interview with MCV/DEVELOP, Barlow revealed just a glimpse of what can be expected from the upcoming title.

“It continues some of the ideas of Her Story and Telling Lies, which is probably not surprising to anyone. But it is exploring the space by pushing even further, being even more ambitious. I can’t get excited about an idea unless it feels risky in some ways: Telling Lies was the result of me feeling emboldened by the success of Her Story, and going well if I can tell this story, then let’s go tell this story – this is this is not a traditional video game story.”

The game, the codename for which Barlow is remaining tight-lipped about for now (trust us, we tried) is not just pushing forward into new territory – It’s also something of a return to Barlow’s earlier days in game development.

“The interesting thing about it is in some ways, a horror. I cut my teeth doing Silent Hill games and playing around with psychological horror. Her Story had gothic elements but was essentially in the real world. Telling Lies, as much as it has some interesting moments, is set in the real world.”

“For this one, I’m kind of playing around in that horror, weird fiction space in some ways, which is really exciting to get back into. When we were making Telling Lies, there was definitely an element where you’re making this thing which, in some ways, consciously and unconsciously, is connected to things that are happening in the world right now. And that is sometimes exciting and sometimes terrifying and painful, like you feel a real weight of trying to be true to an unfolding situation – which is worthwhile, but it’s hard work.”

“So stepping slightly outside of that feels exciting and liberating and it’s cool to play with stuff which can go a little bit darker and weirder. So it’s gonna be interesting.”

The specifics of each job opening, and how to apply can be found on Barlow’s website.

The above is an extract from an interview for an upcoming retrospective on Telling Lies.

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