Her Story creator wants truth to remain ambiguous

We may never know the truth behind the narrative played out in cult hit Her Story.

Those who have experienced the bulk of the FMV-driven title seem to fall into two camps regarding the true nature of the characters involved, and many continue to clamour for a definitive answer to the big question that remains.

But creator Sam Barlow has no intention of telling.

"The interesting aspect to all of that is just they’re all different angles on the same idea," Barlow told Polygon of the conflicting theories often banded about. "They’re all dealing with a kind of duality… I guess it’s less important for me to define that.

"My notes and my current understanding is that there’s a definitive version of the story that I have in my head. Certainly of what happened prior to the various interviews; this was important as well because all of the detectives’ dialogue was fully scripted as well.

I’m probably unlikely to come out and express my opinion on that. I was always loathe to express my opinion on any of that because I don’t think it’s necessary. I think it’s quite fine for people to have their own opinions of where that stuff stands."

Barlow did add that he will likely reveal a further hidden command from the game that hasn’t yet been revealed.

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