Her Story sells 100,000 units in just over a month

Indie hit Her Story has shifted 100,000 copies in its first month on sale.

That’s according to developer Sam Barlow, who took to Twitter (below) to announce the news.

The game came out on June 24th, and fast became a hit. It casts players as someone watching interview footage from an interview for a past crime.

There is little in the way of closure for the game, and Barlow intends to keep it that way.

Initially, the developer was anxious about whether the game would be successful on Steam, but the game was met with positive reviews. Speaking to MCV earlier this month, Barlow said:

I was somewhat reserved about the Steam audience early on – there is a vocal minority on that platform that can be outspoken and try and run any ‘not games’ out of town. But, since launch, the reception has been fantastic; the game has over 90 per cent positive reviews and at one point it was in the top couple of chart positions.

My experience of the platform has been a very positive experience. I think the issues devs face on the system are becoming the same as on other more open marketplaces: How does your game stand out? Why should anyone buy your game now, for that price? One of the things I was very focused on with Her Story was making sure I knew the answers to those questions before I even started the game.”

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