Hitman: Absolution announced

Having been rumoured for quite some time now, Square Enix has at last officially announced a new instalment in the Hitman series.

Developed by IO Interactive, Hitman: Absolution is the fifth game in the franchise that first arrived in the year 2000 with Hitman: Codename 47. The most recent release was 2006 title Blood Money.

The new game has been developed using IO’s proprietary engine Glacier 2.

"For the first time we are taking Agent 47 on a personal journey which allows us to explore other parts of the Hitman fantasy," IO’s game director Tore Blystad stated.

"This is both a familiar and yet significantly different experience from other Hitman games; something our silent assassins will relish, as will all those new to the Hitman world."

The game will be fully unveiled at next month’s E3. You can see the teaser trailer below:

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