Hitman Sniper Challenge: Retail league now open

Time’s up for our media assassins – now it’s your turn, retailers.

MCV and Square Enix is looking for the UK games industry’s deadliest assassin with our Hitman Sniper Challenge competition. The best performers each month will win a 16Gb Wi-Fi iPad 2 and a 10" Agent 47 statue.

The second and third prize is the 10" statue. A 2" version will be given to the rest of the Top Ten – and let’s not forget our secret star prize for the Ultimate Assassin, which will be decided in September.

July was our Media league. We’ll be totting up the final scores and bringing you the winners of our Media league next week, but it’ll take a special kind of killer to top the score of Future’s Iain Wilson: a whopping 4.7 million points. You can see how he did it by watching the video below.

Wilson and other deadly media professionals will be back in December as we seek the UK games industry’s deadliest assassin. The current leaders can be seen in the score table below.


If you want to take part in our Hitman Sniper Challenge contest, all you have to do is fill in your details at tinyurl.com/sniperchallenge.

Download codes are available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. If you already have the Hitman pre-order game, Sniper Challenge, send in a photo of your high score to sniperchallenge@intentmedia.co.uk.

You have until August 30th to send in your scores. September will be our Publisher league, followed by Developers in October and Others in November. We’ll then have the winners of each league back in December as we search for the Ultimate Assassin.

Final scores to be released next week

Iain Wilson, Future Publishing – 4,748,625
Ryan Janes, FanCensus – 2,945,687
Andrew Spenceley, VideoGamer.com – 2,534,382
Sam Clay, VG247 – 2,367,007
Reece Heywood, Ve3tro – 2,111,685
Martin Mathers, Uncooked Media – 2,205,057
Martin Baker, God Is A Geek – 1,879,335
Martin Wharmby, MyM – 1,845,300
Dave Scammell, VideoGamer.com – 1,682,896
Martin Gaston, VideoGamer.com – 1,429,774
Richard Burley, NewbReview – 1,183,881
Matthew Reynolds, Digital Spy – 1,161,054
Craig Pearson, freelance journalist – 522,641
Tom Orry, VideoGamer.com – 213,797
Matt Kamen, freelance journalist – 166,969

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