HMV clarifies Brink/LA Noire deal

HMV has clarified the confusion around its Brink trade-in deal.

As reported all day, the firm had been advertising the offer alongside LA Noire. The deal said that if consumers traded-in Brink they will get Rockstar’s upcoming title for just 4.99.

The firm then later reneged on this deal and pulled its promotion, calling it a ‘miscommunication’.

Now the retailer has explained itself and detailed exactly what its Brink trade-in deal is.

Consumers who trade in Brink from this Friday will get 35 off anything in-store. So 35 off LA Noire, or LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, or the James Bond Blu-Ray box set.

"All the marketing offers are around our downloadable content and blu-ray offer and not trade in deals as we felt this would over complicate the amount of offers available on LA Noire," explained HMV’s RePlay chief Martin Baxter.

"We consistently offer excellent trade in deals on all new releases and in relation to Brink, we are offering 35.00 trade in on this title for a limited time from Friday this week against all product instore and not just specifically against LA Noire. Any such trade in offer has not been press advertised."

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