HMV to sell used games online

HMV will sell second-hand games online as a part of a renewed push around pre-owned.

It follows the launch of the firm’s new iPhone and Android app, which lets users scan a game’s barcode to find out how much credit HMV will give them for it.

HMV RePlay manager Martin Baxter hopes the moves will dispel any ‘nervousness’ consumers may have about trading in.

I am shocked no one has done an app before,” he said.

I think there is a stigma attached to people revealing trade-in prices. Customers want to know what they’ll get for their games. There is still a bit of nervousness attached with trading-in games. People don’t want to get embarrassed in finding out a game is worth 50p.

The next step is to sell pre-owned games on the website.”

Baxter said that the vast majority of HMV’s trade-ins fund new purchases.

He said: "The majority of our trade-in transactions are attached to the sale of a new product. Without pre-owned you have to wonder: how many new games would we actually sell?”

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