HMVCurzon welcomes games publishers

HMV has invited games publishers to display their wares at the retailer’s new cinema venture.
The firm believes that HMVCurzon
which opened in Wimbledon, London last month can help turn the heads of would-be games consumers if used to show game demos.

In an exclusive interview, HMV CEO Simon Fox told MCV:

"The cinema features the latest digital technology and has wireless capability, so well be able to stage gaming events and tournaments tied in to key releases.

"Aside from gaming events, we also want to work with our games partners to offer special previews of major games before they come out. The cinema will give us the option of doing this in high quality vision with surround sound and lets not forget 3D, which is bound to become huge for games in due course. Imagine how cool that would be? People could gain access as competition winners or, more likely, as members of our PureHMV rewards scheme."

Click here to read our full interview with Simon Fox.

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