How Activision missed out on The Sims

In a meeting at Maxis’ offices where the exec was considering a possible acquisition of the studio, Activision boss Bobby Kotick was offered the chance to preview the latest secretive creation of Sim-series mastermind Will Wright.

However, as Sim City 2000 was too much of a mess”, as Kotick described it, he didn’t even bother looking. The game in question was The Sims, a series that has gone on to become the most successful PC game of all time – making plenty of money for now-owners EA in the process.

A lesson was learnt that day, Kotick told an audience at DICE. When you’re 50,000 feet above what is going on, and you’re not fully engaged with the creative process, you can miss lots of opportunities.”

To read MCV’s more detailed breakdown of the highlights of Koticks’s speech, click here.

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