HTC ‘hopes’ for VR Half-life title while chatter again turns to Half-life 3 reveal

The chairwomen of HTC, which is making Valve’s VR headset, has hinted at a possible virtual reality version of Half-life.

We are co-operating with Half-life,” Cher Wang told the BBC when asked if a Half-life game would be made for the system. I think… I hope, you know, it will be on it.”

The BBC added, however, that it has been led to believe that a Half-life VR announcement is not incoming.

What is getting the ever-hopeful Half-life fanbase in a real twist, however, is the timing of Valve’s GDC session later today. It’s at 3pm today. Which is the third of March. Which is the third month of the year.

Dampening that hope, however, is the fact that the session is called ‘Physics for Game Programmers: Physics Optimization Strategies’.

HTC and Valve yesterday revealed their Vive VR headset, which is scheduled to be out before the end of the year and will run Valve’s new SteamVR software.

The ongoing non-appearance of Half-life 3 dates back years, although anything in the way of actual concrete information is extremely hard to come by.

In 2013 the husband of the voice actress who played GLaD0S in Portal claimed the game was not in active development. Later that year a supposed leak named a number of devs who were allegedly currently assigned to the game. Then last year a former Valve employee insisted that development on the game is very much ongoing.

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