HTC Vive: Fallout 4 could be our killer app

HTC says the upcoming Fallout 4 game for Vive could be the headset’s system seller.

Although the firm doesn’t believe in exclusivity in VR – and encourages developers to create games for Oculus and PlayStation VR as well – it is excited about the impact Fallout 4 may have on its machine.

Betheda announced that Fallout 4 would be coming to VR next year, initially only for the HTC Vive. The firm also produced a VR Doom experience.

"[Fallout 4] sure could be [our killer app], there is 120 hours of content in here, and if people are looking for something that is going to give them repeat play, and basically play as long as they want to, that is a game that Bethesda is very, very good at creating," Joel Breton, VP of VR content at HTC Vive.

"Ubisoft is also making some very exciting VR content, and I have been lucky enough to check out many of its games, and they are all fantastic. Those are just some of the companies leading the charge, and we certainly applaud and give them all the help and support that we can. But we are very excited to bring those titles to market. It is sort of a situation where there are other companies sitting on the sidelines, and that’s great, they can have a nice comfortable seat there on the sidelines as VR takes off. My message to them is that this is now the time to be a leader in a space that is not going to go away anytime soon. If this is potentially the future platform for your business, then right now is a great time to stake out your place in the marketplace.

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