HTC Vive now comes with a free copy of Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Ever since it launched in April last year, the HTC Vive has come with a couple of free games to get new users started with their new virtual reality headset. As of today, that bundle will now include Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Ubisoft’s latest VR multiplayer experience.

The game, which launched yesterday on Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, is perfectly playable as a solo title, but Vive users will be able to use a single set of Lighthouse base stations to enable local multiplayer for an entire Bridge Crew, provided you have friends with multiple headsets, of course.

Star Trek has always pushed the boundaries of the imagination and the concept of virtual worlds,” said Daniel O’Brien, GM of US at HTC Vive.

Ubisoft and Red Storm have made a huge commitment to bring AAA gaming to virtual reality and the Vive. We couldn’t be more excited to bundle copies ofStar Trek:Bridge Crewwith Vive purchases to celebrate the launch and bring more people into the experience.”

MCV recently spoke to the development team behind Star Trek: Bridge Crew, whereRed Storm’s creative director David Votypka discussed the challenges of creating an immersive social VR experience, as well as making the game as accessible as possible to new players and non-Trekkers

"The game is really about empowering players to become their own crew, their own officer, and live out their own adventures," he said at the time. "Star Trek is ultimately about space exploration and the relationships between the crew, which is a pretty broad and universal fantasy. Along these lines, the core of the game is ultimately about operating a spaceship with your friends, and who wouldn’t want to do that? While the brand brings a great deal of value to the game, being a fan isn’t a requirement to enjoy the core gameplay that Bridge Crew offers.”

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