Humble Bundle co-founders Jeffrey Rosen and John Graham step down

Humble Bundle co-founders Jeffrey Rosen and John Graham have stepped down from their roles as CEO and COO of the company as it celebrates its “best year”.

“It’s been ten years, and after doing this for a while I’m in a place where I think it’s time for me to take a break,” Graham said, talking to “The business is doing amazingly well; 2018 was our best year, and 2019 is off to our best start ever. We got to go onstage at the Epic keynote. We’ve got tons of momentum. But we found somebody who’s better for taking the business to new heights in the future than we are.”

Alan Patmore will take charge of Humble Bundle’s “day-to-day operations” with immediate effect as he steps in to become executive VP and general manager of the company.

“My experience with free-to-play and social gaming is actually pretty applicable to a digital storefront like Humble,” Patmore told “There are a lot of similarities in terms of process, development, economics, and even ethos. In addition, my experience with traditional development and publishing lends itself well to the publishing side of the business. For me, it’s a perfect fit — I get to flex my muscles on both sides.”

While the pair might be standing down from their substantive roles, they will still be on hand as advisors at least until the end of the year.

“We’re not leaving. We’ll still be here – more as advisors – all the way until the end of the year, and hopefully a long way past that. But we’re more startup kinda guys, and Humble Bundle has become huge. For our benefit and for Humble Bundle’s benefit, I think Alan is going to do a really good job.”

Former executive vice president Rod Humble recently joined Paradox Interactive to lead new studio, Paradox Tectonic. Paradox Tectonic – which will operate in Berkeley, California – is “the newest member of the Stockholm-based publisher’s team of studios”. While the firm confirms the development of a brand-new game and IP is underway, full details will be announced at a later date.

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