Improve games industry diversity by taking part in the apprenticeship survey today!

There’s just over a couple of weeks left to take part in Into Games and Ukie’s landmark survey into the viability of apprenticeships in the games industry. And the possible benefits for the industry are huge.

Apprenticeships look to be a key way that the industry both could improve diversity in its ranks and at the same time help solve its own recruitment issues, by training up fresh faces to do the very roles that we most need to fill.

The survey only takes around 15 minutes, so if you’re a senior HR person or an owner/founder/CEO, or you can get both of those people together for the length of a cup of tea, then you should be able to blast through it. The deadline is the 31st of May.

The results will be turned into a public report, that will then be used to start building a pathway to mass apprenticeship adoption.

“This research will give us the clearest indication yet of the viability of apprenticeships in games. We know apprenticeships have helped boost accessibility and diversity in other sectors and we hope the same is true here,” said Declan Cassidy, CEO, Into Games

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