IN BRIEF: What’s Happened Today? (August 17th 2012)

We’ve got more news trickling out from this year’s Gamescom.

Capcom has some big plans in the works for its new IP, Remember Me. The publisher is planning on working with developer Dontnod on turning it into a long-term brand.

Bohemia Interactive spoke about its fears on fan blacklash when it announced plans to launch a standalone version of the ARMA II mod, DayZ.

And it’s another all-time low for UK games retail which has reached its lowest point to-date with just 8.18m generated by software sales last week.

Here’s the list:

  • Bohemia feared fan reaction to standalone DayZ – LINK
  • Capcom has ‘long-term’ plans for Remember Me– LINK
  • OXM hails team as web traffic trebles– LINK
  • Another all-time low for UK games retail– LINK
  • Ubisoft selling PC games for 1 via new digital distribution app– LINK
  • Gamestop digital sales climb in Q2– LINK
  • Ubisoft makes digital distribution debut with Uplay PC– LINK
  • XSEED: Core gamers follow games regardless of platform– LINK
  • EA is up for sale – report– LINK
  • Sleeping Dogs came out today which means it’s our Game Of The Day – LINK
  • Win one of five copies of FIFA 13 on PS3– LINK

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